Charter Schools To The Rescue

Jun 22, 2017 | | Say something

Why is it that some always suggest that if we just funded public schools better that education would be just fine? That has been shown to clearly not been the case. After all, three of the best funded public schools in America are in Los Angeles. Those schools also rank among the bottom in the country in terms of test performance. What is going wrong is that the model for public schooling is simply broken.


There is something of a bright spot in education in the form of charter schools. These schools are proving to be more effective at what they do than public schools ever were. This is why some of these charter schools now receive the attention that they finally deserve. They can help students who were not getting what they needed in the public system.


One of the charter schools making a difference is Success Academy. With Success Academy students are seeing more individualized education while at the same time the educators can zero in on helping students with the particular issues that they may have with their studies. That is to say that if a student is having trouble with math for example, the educators at a charter school like Success Academy can see this and help them.


The public school system is entrenched in the old ways of doing things. They sometimes hire teachers that are not so great at their job. The unionized teaching staff can then keep their jobs even if they are not great at what they do. Charter schools are not designed in this way. Success Academy hires their educators on a year by year basis. They can pull their contracts and fire them if those teachers are not performing as they are supposed to. That gives the students the upper hand because it values them above all else.


Success Academy is making great strides and starting to branch out into areas that were once dominated only by the public school system. Setting up this kind of competition with the public school system makes everyone better at what they do. It is for the benefit of the kids, and that is something we should all applaud.

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