Arthur Becker’s Great Timing

Jun 29, 2017 | | Say something

Arthur Becker is a unique figure in the New York real estate investment world. He looks at much of his work from a curious, art-infused background, which brings an interesting quality to his investment strategies. He often goes with his curiosity and takes things from there. All of this has served him well in the hard-charging world of real estate development deals.

In his home, Becker displays beautiful art work from his collection. His home also has a working art studio, which he uses to create his own works. Becker was married to notable fashion designer Vera Wang for 20 years, and though they are now separated, there’s no doubt they shared a love of art between them.

Involved From The Ground Up

Becker’s career in real estate development has taken off in recent years, and it all got started back in the early 2000s when he invested in some Silicon Valley startups. Those deals went very well, and he was able to use that success to get involved in the New York real estate scene. Right now he’s putting his first “from the ground up” property on sale in New York at $52.5 million. The property is at 564 Washington Street. It’s an 8-unit luxury building that is expected to get its asking price.

In an article on NY Daily News, before the Washington Street project, Becker acted as a silent backer on other deals. He worked with Michael Stern and Robert Gladstone on the 10 Sullivan Street project, which did so well he was able to trade his share in the property to his partners for three adjacent buildings. He plans to sell off two of them and live in the other.

All of this speaks well of Becker’s ability to go with a hunch and see it through. There’s no doubt there are more deals in the future, and Becker will continue to follow his instinct into success in the market. With a solid track record, and the good luck of excellent timing, Becker seems ready to embrace continued success.  Check out Perez Hilton to know more.

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