Richard Mishaan Design Reveals Key Tips to Decorating Success

Aug 8, 2017 | | Say something

Richard Mishaan has done a great many things in his life. He is an acclaimed interior design guru, the owner of a furniture production company named Homer Design, and the publisher of a variety of books — including “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern”. For Mishaan, the goal has always been to change the way people look at the space around them. This has, of course, made Richard Mishaan Design one of the top designing firms in New York City. Mishaan’s company has worked hand in hand with some of the finest apartments and suites throughout the Big Apple including the prestigious St. Regis way back in 2010. Through it all, Mishaan has stuck to his core principles and that has made him incredibly successful.


If you stepped foot into the Cartagena Retreat, designed by Richard Mishaan Design, then you would immediately see just what Mishaan means when he discusses mixing up different eras and making sure to layer all of these concepts. The Cartagena Retreat is a master-class in modernism tailored with authentic, old world flare. Richard Mishaan Design has had the greatest luck with tackling the lust for modernism with the passion for historical artwork. Mishaan says of the project, “If you look in the living room, it’s the most disparate objects.” Richard Mishaan Design has never been afraid to tackle something new and mix it with something old and that has made them incredibly successful among the one percenters that hire them for their services.


Richard Mishaan Design isn’t exclusive with the information that has made them successful. Mishaan himself was willing to give out a few tips to people trying to decorate their own home. He believes in bringing in low chairs, keeping your bed off of the walls, and floating tables to divide bigger spaces — thus opening up your room.

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