The New Marketing Strategy for Competitive Organizations like Fabletics

Aug 24, 2017 | | Say something

Today, many successful companies have decided to use a new type of marketing plan. The companies have realized that most of their customers use products which are recommended by their friends, or magazines that they read. They also look at the reviews which are made public about particular products or companies. This, in turn, has made most of the organizations change their marketing strategy by opting for review centered marketing strategies. Crowd sourcing has helped improve the market scene as it forces companies to be authentic and true to what they advertise.


Recent studies have shown that most consumers do not trust traditional marketing techniques used by most companies. They have revealed that over 80% of people trust online reviews more than these traditional methods. It also showed that positive reviews increase a company’s general ranking and aids the company to increase its revenue stream.


An example of an organization that has adopted this new marketing strategy is Fabletics. The company that was started in 2013 has been able to amass a customer base of over 1 million members by exploiting the user review method of marketing. The rapid growth of Fabletics has proven that crowd reviews can lead to a direct increase in the number of customers and also gives a sense of loyalty from these customers.


The founders of Fabletics had thought about starting a new athleisure brand, but they needed a new partner. The most suitable person for this post was Kate Hudson. She represented their ideals since she is approachable and does not take herself too seriously. Kate has been heavily involved in the business from the beginning and not just in the little stuff but also the design of their products.


Kate Hudson even uses the Fabletics gear in her day-to-day life, unlike most celebrities who do not use the products that they endorse. The company had the right idea and a good partner, but still, success did not come easily to them. It has taken a combination of hard work and creativity of the team as well as positive reviews for the company to succeed. Take the lifestyle quiz at Fabletics so that you know which gear is best for you.

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