Hudson Helps Fabletics Propel Into Future

Nov 3, 2017 | | Say something

Fabletics isn’t backing down in the athleisure category. In fact, the company is the new trend-setter. Fabletics, boasted by two amazing years, is becoming an industry giant. The brand is backed by movie star Kate Hudson.


Originally founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2013, Fabletics got off to a decent start. Hudson really propelled the brand forward. In fact, the “Almost Famous” star was the key to launching the brand into the stratosphere. Hudson came on board and helped the brand explode with her unique fashion and style sense. Fabletics is now a rival to Amazon thanks to Hudson. Amazon typically controls 20% of the e-commerce fashion market. Fabletics is gearing up to challenge those amazing numbers in the near future.


Hudson helped lead Fabletics to an amazing 644% retail growth in 2016. The company also grew 43% from 2015 to 2016. The future is bright for Fabletics as new campaigns and styles will continue to appeal to current members and future customers.


The brand is taking a very smart approach to getting consumers on board for a lifetime. They utilize a “reverse-showrooming” approach. Fabletics is aware consumers browse websites to find apparel they like. Those same consumers might go buy similar items at other stores. That’s where many brands lose sales and customers.


Fabletics invites consumers to become members. They get to the know them and personalize style choices to meet their needs. The brand wants customers to take a Lifestyle Quiz so they can find athleisure items that fit their style and personality. Fabletics then wins the sale by bringing those customers as members either in-house or garnering a purchase online. The brand truly hopes to match clients with great fitting and stylish athleisure apparel.


Kate Hudson isn’t the only star power Fabletics boasts these days. Singer Demi Lovato is another Fabletics supporter. Lovato has appeared on the television show “American Idol.” The brand speaks volumes by having two very fit and active celebrities on the roster. The two stars are both adamant about finding the right style.


Fabletics has retail locations already open in the United States. Hawaii, California, Florida and Illinois all have retail locations. The brand is expected to add a dozen more locations in 2017. This means Fabletics will continue to provide in person browsing for many current and potential customers.

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