The Philanthropy Activities of Dick and his Wife Betsy Devos

Nov 14, 2017 | | Say something

In a recent interview, the wife of Dick DeVos talked about her charitable activities in education. Over the last several years, Betsy DeVos has stated that she believes that private education should be available to all people seeking it. DeVos believes that with private education, students and parents can take advantage of the educational institutions that will best meet their needs. As a result, Betsy has vouched to have private charter schools dominate the educational sector rather than traditional public schools. She has also urged the government to provide funding to those who seek private education who otherwise couldn’t afford it. With her efforts, a number of people will be in position to pursue education through private schools on a more regular basis.


Betsy’s husband Dick DeVos has also been heavily involved in philanthropic activities throughout his lifetime. One of the causes that Dick has devoted himself to is education. He has spent a lot of money providing business education to a number of students. Each year, he awards scholarships for people to attend business school. With these scholarships, he has helped a number of students get the funding they need in order to complete a master’s degree in business administration. This ahs led to many people getting an advanced degree that provided them with more opportunities in top level management positions.


Another cause that Dick has devoted himself to is business development. On an annual basis, he provides funds to help a number of companies start up. He has provided funding for new businesses that are looking for capital to help acquire real estate, inventory and equipment. With his contributions, a number of businesses have been in position to reach a number of goals such as expansion. Since DeVos is a businessperson himself, he realizes the importance of giving startup companies the capital they need in order to reach their goals of becoming successful and profitable entities.


Over the years, Dick DeVos has also provided funds to a number of artistic organizations. He regularly provides funds to a number of organizations that hold events in the performing arts. When making contributions to artistic organizations, Dick funds professional development and contests. With professional development, he allows the managers and directors of these organizations to improve their managerial skills as well as look for ways to add more features and events to their organizations. His contests allow artists to showcase their work and receive incentives for making work that is marketable.


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