Securus Wireless Containment Will Keep Prisons Safer

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The most important tool for gangs to stay in control in prison is communication. The cell phone allows for gang members to both have communication between themselves and to make contacts with the outside world. Securus technologies have been monitoring such behavior and are creating solutions to keep it at bay within prisons.


Prisons have been increasing security of all levels of the prison system, yet being able to thwart cellphone calls is something that has not even been quashed. Access to high-speed internet from within prison cells are very common. Prisoners will trade commissary items, like canned fish, in order to get their hands on small phones and data cards to contact the outside world.


Prison inmates are even taunting the system by producing videos and uploading them on social media. Although knowing they will get caught eventually, these prisoners still continue to smuggle in cellphones, possibly with the aid of inside help, and still, make phone calls and social media posts. Obviously, there isn’t much use in hunting down these devices but blocking the signal may be the ultimate goal. Aside from social media posts, gang members may issue hits from the comfort of their cells and continue to harm society.


Wireless Containment Systems

Securus technologies is a well known developer of security and communications tools that have been utilized in prisons and government institutions across the country. WCS has invested over $40 million into their proprietary blocking system that will no longer allow calls to be made outside of jails and prisons from dangerous inmates.


How big of an effect could such technology really have? It is estimated that over 1.7 million phone calls could be blocked. Imagine the sheer amount of outside crime that can be prevented by blocking these millions of calls.


If you look up the story of former Florida correctional officer Robert Johnson, you will see the dangerous situations that simple phone calls can produce. In this facility, over $50,000 of illegal contraband was discovered. Although the figure is rather high, it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to prison smuggling.


Eventually, Robert Johnson discovered that someone was shot and killed by gang-related assassins. Evidence and rumors suggest that the hit was likely called using a cell phone from the inside of his prison. Many instances of prison-related hits are common and there are likely many other cases to be uncovered.


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