Daniel Taub Is Ready For Dialogue With Bradford

Jan 10, 2018 | | Say something

Controversial statements made by Bradford West MP George Galloway, prompted a visit to Bradford on Monday by Israeli Ambassador to Britain Daniel Taub. In a speech, Galloway declared his city an Israeli-free zone.


Taub insisted his visit was the result of invitations from faith leaders and counselors, according who wanted to discuss Galloway’s comments, according to Telegraph and Argus. Taub says it is his impression that Galloway is in the minority when he speaks of an Israeli-free zone without goods and services.


“Bradford is a model of how people with different backgrounds and religions can work and worship together,” said Taub.


Galloway’s speech has already caused an outcry on social media and is also under investigation by British workers.


Part of Galloway’s speech, which was posted online stated: “We don’t want Israeli goods or services. We don’t want Israeli academics in our colleges and we reject this barbaric state that calls itself Israel.”


Taub also stated that the conflicts have much more to do with the past and future than Sunni vs. Shia.


Taub went on to say that Galloway should concentrate on what can be done to make the future better rather than draw the region back into conflicts of the past.


Galloway has a long history of his bigoted views toward Israel. He once stormed out of a debate screaming “I don’t debate with Israeli’s,” when he found out his opponent was from Israel.


He has also aired several conspiracy theories against Israel that are bizarre to say the least. A few of the claims he pushed include Israel being responsible for the unrest in Ukraine and that Jews supplied chemicals to Al Qaeda. Galloway denied the claims even though the entire conversation was captured on tape.


Taub, who came to the city under tight security, is ready to have a dialogue. “I really believe that the people in Bradford are ready. I simply cannot believe that Galloway is the voice of the people of Bradford.”


In fact, the people of city have cooperated with Israel in the past.


A video was released of pro-Israel activist infiltrating Bradford, to counter Galloway’s argument. Learn more: http://www.daniel-taub.com/

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