Survive, while others quit; inspires Bob Reina

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Survival for the fittest” is a common cliche we hear as we grow older. Not many are able to practice and make it a common ideology in their lives. We find ourselves faced by challenges, instead of battling we succumb to giving up. Bob Reina is a constant reminder to always come out victorious.


Bob Reina is the owner of Talk Fusion. He founded the business on the basis of giving back. His passion is to help those in need. As a lover of life, his life is about a personal touch to others; as a motivational person and a police officer.


He likes pets. In line to this, he donated to Tampa Society to facilitate animal well being and affordable vet services. His vision drives towards improving life.


A “go getter”, Bob Reina was willing to sacrifice comfort to achieve his goal. Risk taker, resigned from a good job to pursue a passion. His experience as a law enforcement officer helped him stay alert and plan ahead. He retired to Talk Fusion.


This is a business that connects people through network marketing technology. Video emailing was an original idea that gave a solution of uniqueness among many. With so many emails to be led, it is easy and faster to watch a video email. It adds a personal note, easy to understand and fun as it breaks the monotony.


Plan keenly how to achieve and belief in your goals


Coupled by the many challenges Bob Reina encountered in course of work, his hard work and persistence is what yielded him to where he is today. A successful team leader, doing what he loves by helping others; giving employment, lending financial assistance to causes around the world.


He advises that for one to get to where they aspire to be, must be willing to step out of the comfort zone, make personal sacrifices, follow up, maintain self discipline and belief in your goals.




Self made work ethics will hold you accountable at the end of it all. He encourages us to discern excuses and have a wake up call that our aspirations will not be handed to us easy.

When we make resolutions to achieve over time, then we take them up and work towards fulfilling.


In conclusion


The hardships will always be there, we must therefore learn to excel through them. Perseverance is a trait we must cultivate. Learn more:

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