Robert Ivy: The American Institute Of Architects Honor Brilliant Architects

Mar 29, 2018 | | Say something

An architect isn’t just someone who designs buildings. There’s a lot more to being an architect than people understand. For instance, people like Robert Ivy specialize in bridging the gap between people and architecture. Robert Ivy hasn’t designed many buildings, but he’s great at communication.

He’s won many awards and manages several architectural publications. Mainly, he focuses on Architectural Record, the most popular architectural journal in the world. Under his leadership, Architectural Record’s won numerous industry awards. Thanks to Robert Ivy, many of those awards are Jesse H. Neal Awards. It’s also won seven Ozzies.

Every great industry has an organization that monitors everything that goes on within it. When it comes to architecture, that organization is the American Institute of Architects. Founded as the New York Society of Architects in 1857, the American Institute of Architects is a united voice for all architects.

Originally, the organization focused on perfecting the profession as a whole. Now, it has many missions that involve getting more people interested in architecture. Architecture is an important part of modern society that many people don’t recognize. Not a lot of new buildings are going up like that used to.

These days, the industry is more focused on becoming environmentally friendly. Sadly, there are still a lot of professionals who think they can save the world by themselves. What the American Institute of Architects is learning is that it will take everyone moving toward a brighter future to succeed.

The American Institute of Architects takes its united voice seriously. It’s one of the most influential organizations when it comes to consistently representing its profession. It monitors the government’s involvement with legislation and regulations to strengthen the bridge between the two entities. Working with the government, the American Institute of Architects created numerous projects that help rebuild communities battered by natural disasters.

The American Institute of Architects also helps its own members by finding jobs for those with unique designs. It also provides contract documents and personal benefits for those struggling. It also helps young professionals get ready for their Architect Registration Exam.

It really comes down to education; particularly, public education. The more people get into architecture, the better off things will be. Not too many realize the importance of architecture and good design.

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