Ara Chackerian Investor and Business Leader

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Ara Chackerian is a prominent business professional who is working on various projects. Despite being financially wealthy, Ara Chackerian works hard every day. He enjoys the process of managing and operating a company.

When he was young, Ara Chackerian went to college at Florida State University. He graduated with a degree in marketing. While he was in school, he decided to get an internship at a local company. He made valuable connections during this experience. After graduation, he worked at the same company for several years.


Ara Chackerian started investing at a young age. He read multiple investing books while he was in college. He learned about how significant compound interest can be over time. In his first job, Ara Chackerian decided to invest a large percentage of his salary into a 401(k). This habit of investing stayed with him throughout his life.

Ara Chackerian also invests in real estate. He enjoys owning real estate because it produces monthly income. He encourages other people to find something they enjoy investing in.

Business Owner

After years of working for a large company, Ara Chackerian decided to start a corporation. He worked hard to develop a business concept that would resonate with customers. The first few years were tough. Sales were flat, and he did not have a lot of cash to improve the business. Ara Chackerian decided to ask the advice of successful business owners. Many people offered him helpful advice that grew his company.


Ara Chackerian gives a lot of money to numerous charities around the world. He works with other business owners on a plan for the future. He wants all business owners to start investing in causes that they believe in. Ara Chackerian wants to eradicate poverty and homelessness in his local area. You can search on Google to know more.

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