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Jun 28, 2018 | | Say something

Rocketship Education is a circuit of 19 charter schools spread throughout the United States: 13 schools are spread across the San Francisco Bay Area; two can be found in Nashville, Tennessee; another two take home in Washington, D.C.; and two others in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Despite almost all of its facilities being located in some of the poorest – if not the poorest – neighborhoods in the counties each school is found in, its students collectively score as high if not higher than the best schools in each location’s respective area.

The charter school network’s success is based on three things: a learning environment that is personally tailored to each and every student’s individual needs; modifying each student’s lessons being taught to them and placing them in in-class scenarios in which they’re most likely to succeed; and inviting parents to be as deeply involved in their children’s learning experiences as teachers are, the last of which is unique to Rocketship Education’s facilities.

Everybody faces criticism at one time or another

Naturally, some people are generally better at life than others; as such, some people take significantly more criticism than others just because. The same reasoning holds true for businesses, organizations, and other multi-person entities.

Rocketship Education faced flak from NPR (National Public Radio) two years ago in an article written on June 24, 2016. The piece talked about how even though Rocketship Education’s many locations had regularly earned some of each area’s highest remarks, the charter schools just wasn’t a quality chain of educational establishments.

Here are a small handful of things Rocketship Education should say for itself

The NPR article claimed that Rocketeers – students at Rocketship Education – used technology in class too often at some 80 minutes per day. Students rotate across five programs every tech-learning session they have – 14 minutes per program.

That same “slam piece” said that Rocketship Education was bad because its interventionist teachers weren’t as qualified as others within their facilities. However, tons of other schools all across the United States hire entirely unqualified teachers to take care of the same task.

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