The Effectiveness of Madison Street Capital in the Global Market

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Madison Street Capital is a banking investment that is internationally recognized. It played a crucial role in advising the Napoleon Machine. It helped in the arrangement of the company’s credit facility. Napoleon was founded in 2010 and it received its ISO certification in the manufacturing services. They include painting, metal fabricating that is customized, light assembly, and precision machining. Others include secondary services which range from steel components of medium to large size.


Charles Botchway announced its transaction. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital. Other managers include Barry Petersen and Steven Richards. The credit facility in conjunction with the follow-on tranche provides access to the operating capital. Moreover, it enables the company to expand its manufacturing services with the aim of meeting the customers’ needs.


The growth of the company according to Petersen can be accelerated in future with the great services provided. Kevin Febrey who is the President of the Napoleon Machine praised Madison Street Capital for is exemplary services. They understood their initiative and communicated effectively the opportunities that are required in the marketplace. Despite their industry’s capital that is intensive, the management of Madison provided creative solutions that worked in their favor. For instance, they could access the working capital four times to the fuel growth. It was advantageous to them because the conventional credit facilities could not provide the services.


The management of Napoleon was pleased with the services offered by Madison Street Capital and pledged to work with them in future. Madison is committed to leadership, integrity, quality service, and excellence. Furthermore, it provides financial opinions and advisory services, valuation, and acquisition expertise. These services incorporate both private and public businesses. Hence, their clients have succeeded in the global market due to their quality skills.


During the onset of a new project, the company considers the objectives and goals of the client. They include ownership transfers, M and A transactions, successful capital raise and financial advisory. Its driving force is the emerging markets that enable it to focus on significant market aspects. Its dedication enables the clients to fully trust the company because it engages professionals of high standards during service delivery. The transaction volume registered in 2015 was higher compared to the one in 2014. A report was provided which illustrated the great assets of the hedge fund industry. Its deal environment was strong in 2015. The article addressing this topic can be found on


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