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In 2009, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray officially began Jeunesse, a company focused on developing and selling health enhancement products on a global scale. Jeunesse offers skin care products that work to prevent damage and slow aging, along with several vitamins and supplements that promote youthfulness. Jeunesse team members refer to themselves as “Generation Young,” a clear indication of the company’s goals for its many supplements and skincare products.

One particular product offered by the company was designed to combat the aging of the body’s cells. The product is called Vidacell, and it comes in single serve packets that are to be mixed with liquid and consumed up to three times a day. To achieve cellular renewal, the mix relies on a rice flour blend that contains alpha-glucans.

Designed to promote youth through mitigating free radical cellular damage, Reserve is another Jeunesse creation. This supplement comes in single serve gel packs. It contains various antioxidant-rich fruit extracts that also provide the gel’s flavor, as there are no added sugars. The core of the ingredients are dark sweet cherry, concord grape, blueberry, resveratrol, pomegranate, and acai. For extra antioxidant effects, the product also contains aloe vera, grape seed extract, and green tea. A CAP-e test demonstrated the product’s efficacy at providing protection from free radicals in live cells.

The anti-aging supplements are just one component of the Jeunesse approach. The company also offers skin care products, including a “quick fix” for wrinkles that they call Instantly Ageless. Wrinkles, bags under the eyes, fine lines, and more can be toned in just two minutes with application of the cream to affected areas. The company’s experts advise using only a small amount for best results and to avoid white residue, which indicates over-application. Once the cream has dried, make-up can be applied, though it is recommended to use powder foundation for lasting anti-wrinkle effects. Oil-based foundations are not recommended.

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