Steven Hicks Of Southridge Capital Believes Cryptocurrency Will Soon Be Mainstream

Oct 4, 2018 | | Say something

Many people aren’t sure about the future of the economy and are concerned about investing. Steven Hicks of Southridge Capital is working to bring innovative opportunities to investors and help businesses thrive despite uncertainty. As Southridge Capital’s Chief Executive Officer, he has been working to grow his financial solutions company since he founded it in 1996. He has a lot of responsibility and is in charge of deciding the direction that it will follow strategically.


Before Steven Hicks founded Southridge, he had been in the financial industry for almost a decade. His experience in the industry has led him to make wise financial decisions. When he made the decision to create Southridge Capital he was working for a hedge fund when the principal of the company decided that he wanted to leave New York in order to move back to Australia. He knew that he had time to get things going with a new company and immediately began work on Southridge which would include a hedge fund of its own.


Steven Hicks has a lot on his plate as CEO of Southridge Capital and makes a list every day to keep his duties on track. Along with managing his own work, he also helps his staff with their responsibilities as well after reviewing the company’s portfolio. In order to keep his company going strong, it’s important to continuously seek new investment opportunities. ¬†For more details you can visit


The team at Southridge Capital is experienced in many different parts of the industry and have an impressive network of connections. When companies come to them asking for help with financing, they have time-proven methods to determine whether or not the investment is a good idea. While they have failed in a few cases such as that involving Petals, he was able to minimize loss by keeping as much of the assets liquid as possible.


Currently, Steven Hicks and Southridge Capital have been showing interest in the world of cryptocurrency. People are growing more and more wary of the government’s involvement in finances and are turning to cryptocurrency instead of traditional currency. He believes that it won’t be long until it’s a mainstream transaction option for the world. To see more visit their facebook page.




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