Robert Deignan and the Outsourcing Business

Dec 12, 2018 | | Say something

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and attended Purdue University, where he earned a degree in Organizational Leadership, Robert Deignan is the CEO and Co-Founder of ATS Digital Services. The company’s primary goal is to help consumers globally with their technical issues and concerns. Before co-founding ATS Digital Services, Deignan worked for an Anti-Malware firm. During this period, he had problems in installing software on user’s machine. It is these challenges he faced in the installation of software on user’s device that forced him and his friends to come up with the idea of creating the anti-malware software to block malware products from interfering with the functionality of user’s machines.


Starting a firm is a big challenge and surveys have shown that most businesses fail before they are a year old and for the ones that survive, the amount of money and work required to keep them afloat is often overwhelming. One cannot be surprised when they see the owner of a business stressed out and this is the reason why anything a businessperson does to improve their company can provide a considerable boost to the firm. The success of a firm highly depends on the workers’ skills and infrastructure available. As such, it is essential for a business to employ as many workers as possible. However, hiring many employees may become costly. Luckily, there are many options for which a corporation may outsource its work which the firm and its employees may not handle. ATS Digital Services is one of the companies that provide outsourcing services covered in this article.


Robert Deignan’s firm offers customer service. Robert Deignan and his employees provide customers services to clients for company owners who seek to focus on more critical aspects of their businesses. ATS Digital Services offers online chat, phone calls, and email services to companies across the world. The company has skilled workers who provide quality customer services ensuring loyal customers come back.


Robert Deignan and his team also provide sales services for companies. Rather than developing your sales team, ATS Digital Services will take over your company’s sales task and maximize your firm’s sales revenue. This service will allow a business to solely focus on developing ideas and help small businesses to harness the workforce of bigger teams with little expenditure.

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