Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Opens Door to Decentralized Markets

Feb 9, 2019 | | Say something

Worldwide Asset eXchange, or WAX for short, is a new P2P decentralized marketplace for the trade and sale of in-game assets and currency. The marketplace was unveiled earlier this year by CEO and President Malcolm CasSelle. WAX will contain a network of games, all of which deal with its parent company OPSkins, and will allow cross-game trade and sale between players. According to CasSelle this could be the tipping point for cryptocurrency’s quest for mainstream. If WAX proves successful and big game giants get involved, we may see a day where video game assets are a viable trade medium. At least that is CasSelle’s goal.

Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of MIT and Stanford with respective bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science. He is a foremost expert, early stage investor, top level executive, and entrepreneur within the digital industry. His illustrious career began back in ’95 when he formed his first start up NetNoir. Since then he has served as a top level executive in numerous start-ups and companies.

CasSelle is currently the CIO of OPSkins. OPSkins is a top global seller of in-game content, as well as the leading Bitcoin merchant for planet earth. CasSelle, who was an early stage investor in Bitcoin, is responsible for that. His leadership has led to many innovations, the most recent being WAX. In a statement made during WAX’s announcement CasSelle claimed that WAX may very well be the future of cryptocurrency. This statement could be a very accurate description considering the present market.

The only thing gamers have been lacking is a decent return of investment. The ability to sell or trade their online assets for actual monetary value. WAX’s ability to operate in a decentralized market allows it to operate between games. WAX utilizes blockchains to provide security. The blockchains create smart lists that identify legit traders and oust fraudulent hacks. It also stops fragmentation. Both fraud and fragmentation have kept many companies from operating in decentralized markets. WAX may just be the answer to many problems at once.

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