Sandy Chin: Leading the Reading Program during summer

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For most societies, education is the hallmark of success since it lays the main groundwork for the future of the children. It’s also a fundamental right for humans because it’s essential for their well-being. Most countries have implemented laws and policies that require children to consult educationists on their right to access education. This right has been threatened via exclusion, corruption as well as segregation and weak policies that govern education. For that reason, there have been contributors as well as donors who have come forward to chair various education rights. Being a successful portfolio manager with extensive experience in stock management, Sandy Chin understands the value of getting things done on time. When she realized that , an elementary school situated in New York’s West Side needed her support, she took action.


Sandy Chin realized that many children needed a great learning summer experience to improve their reading skills. She also noted that in other areas, scholars don’t read during summer since they can’t access books. Others can’t learn because they aren’t encouraged to study. Since summer is a long period of three months, and many scholars can forget what they studied over their school year, Chin stepped in to provide them with learning materials. It’s therefore been noted that it’s not usual for children who don’t read in summer to backslide in their grade. Sandy Chin’s son is a student at the PS11 School.


Nevertheless, he’s not complaining about the system since he spends most of his time reading at the local library. Even so, many children can’t access better learning platforms over the summer. That’s why public libraries have started offering learning programs.


Sandy Chin is a skilled investment expert who analyses stocks. According to, she has more than 20 years’ experience of consumer staples. She founded Tidal Bore Capital to help clients to understand different shifts in the stock market. Chin holds that staider stocks can attract better returns. But all too often, they are misunderstood yet they can provide huge returns. Before she formed Tidal Bore Capital, Sandy Chin served at Visisum Asset Management where she was a portfolio manager.


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