Boraie Development: The Organization Behind the Construction of the Largest High-Rise 23-Story Building, the Aspire, New Brunswick

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Boraie Development is a company that offers services focused on all areas of the urban real estate market development. It also deals with sales and marketing of real estate as well as property management. They are the new jersey urban developers. This family-owned organization is known for making long-term plays in urban areas like New Brunswick and Newark. A while back, the vice president of Boraie Development, Wasseem Boraie closed a deal with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority in Atlantic City. They closed four casinos, in one month. He knew that Atlantic city was going to be a city that would go to destination for millennials.

The Aspire, New Brunswick, is every man’s dream home. It is luxurious. Here, people wake up in the morning overlooking the action below them, with coffee in their hand. It is a 23-story building with very great features in it, which include, a well-appointed studio, 238 one- and two-bedroom houses. It is also a center for fitness and a yoga place to help its residents stay fit. In The Aspire, there are 24/7 doorman units. Great Security is well maintained. Who wouldn’t want to live in the Aspire? The place is just miles from the train station in New Brunswick, and that is so convenient. Neighboring the great building is a dining, shopping center, and nightlife.

There is a parking space in the building, just next to the elevator that leads to the lobby. Every resident has a storage unit where they can put their bikes whenever they want. The building also has a club where residents can go to work, or rest or use it for any other recreational activities they wish. Here, residents enjoy the rooftop sundeck and a garden with an outdoor BBQ space. Boraie made a good job in making sure the building was constructed near a hospital. The hospital is Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.

Shaquille O’Neal, who is a retired professional American basketball player, partnered with Boraie Development to help construct a complete residential facility in his home town, New Jersey in March 2017. The project had been given many names; One Riverview, One Rector Street, 40 Rector Street, and some people in Newmark refer to the tall building development endearingly as the “Shaq Tower. To him, this is a way of giving back to society. Growing up, Shaquille O’Neal’s family told him to stay from the local boys’ club, girls club and movie theaters. This kind gesture has been gushed by many, and many basketball players are taking his footsteps. They all want it to be a part of turning around Newark.

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