Matthew Fleger’s Grassroots in Entrepreneurship to Grace in Oil and Gas Industry

May 14, 2019 | | Say something

Matthew Fleeger has been one of the renown business persons in the oil and gas industry. He has been able to reap much success from the industry as well as other sectors such as healthcare. However, the said success did not come the easy way, a common aspect in entrepreneurship. He has to go through several hoops to reach where he is now. Matthew Flegger studies Finance and Marketing at Southern Methodist University. Here, he was able to acquire wealthy knowledge on the Marking and finance sector. After completion of his studies, he was ready to explore his career choice in an array of companies. As such, his father, a renowned businessman served his inspiration by motivating him to pursue business.

His ambitions fueled Fleeger’s venture into entrepreneurship. However, he did not join his father’s company immediately. He alternated in different businesses mostly in his domain where he earned substantial knowledge and experience. Matthew Fleeger was able to excel in different prestigious positions through his excellent leadership skills. Therefore he ascended to the topmost positions in large companies in his foray. After a few years, he joined Gulf Coast Western, his family’s business. Though, he learned much on entrepreneurship thus going back to his roots.

MedSolutions was his first startup where he founded it in 1993. The company’s core function was to offer medical waste disposal solutions. Under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, the company was able to garner much success including awards and accolades. For over a decade, he sat at the helm of the company as the CEO and president until he sold the company in 2007 in a huge deal of $59M. Today, he is the president of the Gulf Coast Western Company. His journey has not been easy as such, but he has managed to beat through the odds.

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